Thank you for your friendship

Crystal Beshara

Shirley came into my life unexpectedly.


We were strangers when she messaged me - asking if she could take photos of me painting. Although amusingly enough, we never got around to that shoot, we had many others; filled with laughter, spontaneity and bonding over creativity.

It is a true and rare experience to find kindred spirits in this rushed and virtual world we live in, but we found each other and our friendship formed over respect, inspiration and artistry. We wrote each other almost every day for 2 years. Sometimes just to send a hug hello, or music we thought we’d like, outfits, videos or other photographic work. She was always asking me my opinion on design, effects, filters, outfits, home décor… and although I was flattered, I would just shake my head and smile. My response every time was always that of admiration – she always had it right. She had it all.  Beauty, taste, grace, clarity of vision, clarity of self… and a distinct aesthetic that made her work and everything she touched so identifiable.

Beyond her immeasurable talent, Shirley had this incredibly heightened sensitivity to light, sound, voices, gesture, and emotion which made her a wonderfully kind and gentle person to be around, a natural animal whisperer and a rare and compassionate soul that not surprisngly, touched so many lives (as seen in this video). To know her was a gift.
(The obove are a few photos I managed to take of her)


Missing You.


Crystal Beshara