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Rest in peace my dear Shirley

Rose Marie


My son, Dan introduced me to Shirley about 20 years ago and she was a special part of my life right up to the end of her short life.

Thank you for your friendship

Crystal Beshara

Shirley came into my life unexpectedly.


We were strangers when she messaged me - asking if she could take photos of me painting. Although amusingly enough, we never got around to that shoot, we had many others; filled with laughter, spontaneity and bonding over creativity.

Shirley captured Anikin's personality, in a way only she could

Tracy Shouldice


I worked with Shirley at Cognos for a while, but kept up with her afterwards, because she was the kind of person toward whom you'd naturally gravitate.  I ran into her and Dan on Elgin Street after a race once, and of course she was toting a camera and took a few shots of me with my medal.

One of my favourite things about Shirley was her laugh.


I have known Shirley since 1995.  She was dating Dan when I started dating Larry.  One of my favourite things about Shirley was her laugh.  She had a great giggle and found the same things funny that I do.  She was a creative, energetic, giving, caring and impulsive person.  Her photography passion blossomed over the years and she made everyday things so beautiful.  She had an artistic eye that exposed the beauty in everything.  She captured unconditional love and friendship (animal and human) through her camera lenses. 

She Gave a Neighbourhood Her Photographic Gift

Dec 1014 Mainstreeter Article written by Marni Kagan


Eva Cooper will never forget her first encounter with Shirley Bittner.

Three years ago, Bittner “bounced” into Delilah, Cooper’s new fashion store for women in the Glebe, with her blonde curls and a camera around her neck.


From a Fan of Shirley's "My Every Day Life" blog

Subject: well wishes (mid 2013)

Hello Shirley,

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