Cancer & Last Days

Shirley's symptoms started in the summer of 2012. An MRI and colonosopy was done early in 2013 but by then it was painfully obvious that something serious was going on. The confirmation came in the form of a phone call for Shirley letting her know about an appointment at the Cancer Center. On March 13, she was told she had small-cell neuroendocrine cancer and that it was very aggressive and chemotherapy would need to start ASAP. The treatment plan would involve chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The prognosis; "there's a glimmer of hope". Radiation started a week later.
After the first round of radiation Shirley didn't feel all that bad. However just before the second of 4 to 6 planned rounds was about to begin, she started feeling worse and her hair was falling out. She bravely decided to get it shaved off.

In April, the radiation started. Shirley could tell at this point that her original symptoms were beginning to subside but were getting replaced with side-effects of the treatment.

About half-way through the many weeks of daily radiation treatments, another MRI was done and showed that the tumour had significantly shrunk.

There were many visits to emergency to deal with various side-effects but eventually Shirley completed all rounds of radiation and chemo. She had lost alot of weight and was quite exhausted. Many people had helped Shirley through this period. She particularly appreciated when people kept her company during the chemo sessions.
In July 2013, Shirley received the news that the MRI showed no signs of cancer. The fight wasn't over yet, a major surgery was still part of the plan. To ensure everything that could be done was done, Shirley went in for surgery on August 14th. The 7-hour surgery went well and after three weeks in the hospital, she was back home.
Shirley's recovery was slow but steady. She adapted courageously to her new body. Her hair was starting to grow back, and a new life was beginning.


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