Her smile was so Big and Genuine

Carrie Alyman


My friend Shirley,

I first met Shirley in the dog park walking our dogs.  I always enjoyed our easy long conversations while we appreciated nature and the opportunity to play with and watch our dogs enjoy their freedom. Often with camera in hand Shirley would take beautiful pictures of our dog Gypsy and the world around us.  Being the generous and thoughtful person she was she would often send these pictures to me.

A Beautiful Spirit

Andrée Verville

I met Shirley in October 2010, when she took photos of my then airedale terrier Maia. When Maia passed in May 2012 (4 years old), I told Shirley that her touching photos got me through a very rough period. To this day, I find solace and joy in those photos.

Rest in peace my dear Shirley

Rose Marie


My son, Dan introduced me to Shirley about 20 years ago and she was a special part of my life right up to the end of her short life.

Thank you for your friendship

Crystal Beshara

Shirley came into my life unexpectedly.


We were strangers when she messaged me - asking if she could take photos of me painting. Although amusingly enough, we never got around to that shoot, we had many others; filled with laughter, spontaneity and bonding over creativity.

Capturing moments since 1984

Shirley's Neices


An early photo of Karen taken by Shirley.

With Love from Karen and Robin Bittner

Shirley personified the extraordinary beauty of the simple human heart

Coach Duane Jones, Technosport Ottawa

Shirley was one of my athletes, and she was always a bright light on

our team. She was also the unofficial team photographer - coming to

many of our events to compete and to capture our athletes in action.

When I developed a new website in 2011, Shirley took the photographs -

with the unique ability she had for light and for putting all her

subjects at ease. She also took photos of our daughter and of my son

and I for posterity - photos I will treasure forever. Shirley was an

A beautiful light

Kristy Lewis

During a hike togther, I asked Shirley where her passion for photography came and she answered, "I want to make the world a more beautiful place, to capture the beauty I see and share it with others through my photos."  She succeeded with this in her work but it was Shirley herself who was the beautiful light that made the world a better place.  She will be missed beyond words. 


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