Tribute Entry Help

The following notes apply to entering a tribute:

  • There are two ways to contribute:
    • The easiest approach is to compose and send your tribute to Feel free to include pictures. Give me a couple of days to add it to the page.
    • Use, a userid and password. This enables the ability to upload photos and edit content after submitting it. Contact someone who has already contributed to get this information.
  • Because the userid is the same for everyone, please add your name in the "author" field to identify the originator of the tribute.
  • If you've logged in, a tribute can be edited but not deleted. Please only change items you have created. If you are composing a long tribute, you may consider composing in another document and then submitting when it is finalized.
  • If you'e logged in, a rudimentary editor is provided and should be sufficient for most. This editor supports adding pictures. Please see this image upload help page for instructions on uploading images.
  • The maximum size of any image that can be uploaded is 2MBytes.

The following shows what the entry-page looks like...